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Dawlish College

Aerial shot taken from Google Earth of the area of the school and surrounding area, unedited.

Aerial shot taken fron Google Earth showing the area of the school and surrounding area with some of the key features picked out.

A shot of the house from the southern side showing the ornamental rose garden, on the far left of the picture is visible part of the long conservatory which was the schools dining room. Extreme right behind the yew bushes was the front terrace, this used to be for staff to park their cars. The terrace in the centre of the picture runs along the school library.

Aerial shot of the school looking roughly North to South.

Obelisk on the hill overlooking the school

Members of the schools ATC squadron.

School photo.

The main staircase, a grand impossing affair. Pupils were banned from using it, instead using two staircase towards the rear of the house. But it didn't stop us from sneaking up and down it. This shot is from halfway down it and looks down towards the garnd hall.

Looking up the grand staircase from the grand hall.

The grand hall lined with life size statues of the various monarch's of England. This was the first view to greet you upon entering the main entrance of the house. For a kid who has never been away from home walking through the main door and seeing this, it is an awesome impression on one's mind, one that stays forever.

The school church, once the original Mamhead village church. But when construction of the stately home for the Baron of Exeter was started, it necessitated the demolition and destruction of Mamhead village.

View of the castle, this originally housed the stables etc for the main house, and was built about the same time. It was built using the local red sandstone unlike the main house. As a school it housed a number of classrooms, woodwork shop, metalwork shop and rooms for the shool's ATC squadron.

Another shot of the castle from the southern side from the area behind the main house.

A shot of the main drive leading up to the main entrance of the house on the northern side, from the looks of the picture additional parking has been created on the right. A feature that wasn't in existence when I was here, also the drive appears to be extensively tarmacked. As my memory serves, it was only the upper parts that were treated so, here and the lower parts being gravel.

Closer shot towards the main entrance.

Main entrance of the house leading to the grand hall.

A group of picture showing the house from different angles. Visible in the lower left one of the four photos below the terrace is a small green house and hut, these were used by the schools gardener who looked after all of the school grounds, gardens etc and kept them in an immaculate condition. Besides that he grew an extensive range of produce for use in the school's kitchen. He was a real Devon country bumpkin, knew his stuff, no doubt about that. Us kids were the bane of his existence, climbing all the various trees and bushes, making camps and dens all over the place. I can still hear him "Get out of Yea Trees! You Bugger's!"

School photo with some of the pupils identified.
Some of the Master's I do remember are Mr Panton = Science and Metalwork, Mr Sparrow "Splodge" = Chemistry and Biology, Mr Waters = English, Mr Grahm = Woodwork, Mr Jackson "Jacko" = Maths (when he left Mr Blythe started), the "Chef" (never knew his name, he was always the "Chef" to us), House Master's Mr Hoatson "Hobbie Hoatson" and Mr Bellamy.

Front shot of the main house's eastern elevation from down near the swimming pool.

The school swimming pool, clearly in need of some TLC. I can remember many a baking hot summer's day when Master's such as Mr Water's dispensed completely with lesson's and took the class down to the pool for a dip, much to the joy of us pupils.

Main entrance of the house.

Main entrance to the castle, this was situated higher up the drive.


Unknown said...

Stumbled upon this via google earth. I was at DC a lot later than you, sept '85- sept '88.
Some nice photos there.

A few staff names you may or may not remember or moved in since you left..

Mr Walter's 'Muttley',(Metalwork).
Victor '15 bloody Years' Stowe, (Maths).
Harry: Gardener & maintenance
Derek: 'peanut head' also maintenance.
Betty: Harry's wife - Care Staff
Len Blackmore and his wife, both care staff (from the black country).
Paul Evans: Care Staff
Tracy?: Care Staff
Pat Douglas : Care Staff
Mick Harper: Head of Care(had the gr8 nickname of paki! hey we were kids!))
Peter & Carol Aplin (care staff)
Mr Neal (English)
Mrs Cushin (she had a class next to Mr Neal, for reading I think..??)
Mr Gaffikin (geography)
Mr Wooltorton (Biology & Games)
Mrs Wooltorton (Phwoar!)(French)
Mr Smith took over Mr Graham for woodwork. Mr graham went on to Technical Drawing and also headmaster.
Mr Dewberry?? : Science & Deputy Head. Sounded like Henry's cat.
Ian : chef (short & fat)
Chris : chef (tall & thin)
Ian ? ex squaddie. Care staff and outward bounds activites.
Mr Tyler Jnr : owner who inherited Dawlish College from his father, died broke of a brain tumour some time after selling the school.
That's all the staff names I can remember for now. It was 20 years ago.

The fir Tree and it's two ropes served perfectly as a crucifix when used together on juniors. lol
not forgetting Dyrons youth club in Newton Abbot

Ahh, the good old days. :)


Robert Nightingale

Unknown said...

Oops, it was Mr Reynolds for science / deputy head.

Unknown said...

I also stumbled upon this via google earth.
I was there from 66-69. Can't remember many teachers names.

Mr. Sparrow - All round good guy.
Mr Graham - Wood & Metalwork. T.D.
Mr. Sykes - Science & Maths.
Mr Veitch - Games.
Mr Holiday - Games and something else.
Mr. Notley - English, History and Blues fanatic.
Chef - chef (nice man)
I shared a dorm with Simon Tyler (of the Tyler family)
I still know two people from my time there.

Roving Man said...

It was great finding this blog. I was at DC from 1973-76. I remember more names than faces in the kids and staff photo; I'm not sure I even recognize myself among the un-named ones, even though it seems the photo was taken in 1973 or 74! There were, however, some teachers and kids faces I reacted to that brought back memories...

Peter said...

I came across this blog whilst looking for info on Mamhead House as I was at Dawlish College in the 60s. I didn't realise that the college wasstillopen in the 80s.
When I was there Mr Tyler was the boss and his wife was the matron and I remember their son Simon.
I seem to recall that the headmaster was a guy called Mr Lavender. The only teachers that I can remember are Mr Lucas who taught history and Mr Holiday who was the games master (not very happy memories of him!)
When I was there the chef and his wife worked together in the kitchen, Mr & Mrs Bird. I do remember he was always shouting at her! She was a mother figure to many of us at that time.
I also remember Mr Tyler buying about 6 caravans which were put in the woods and you could earn a key to a caravan if you did well at school work etc!
I feel very old after reading this site!

Unknown said...

First off, please keep this blog going!

i have some horror stories of being bullied rather than bullying, but i would not change that for the world.
DC gave me many experiences I'll never forget, such as flying over france in cessna 4 seater, it was an exchange visit (just the one, we must have misbehaved) lol

It was a great place to be, and having passed thru a few schools (no fault of my own, honest) it was one of the better ones.

What other school gave you motorcycles (3 of them!) and go karts etc back then. I miss all the teachers, care staff and other lads.

Darn I'm almost crying.

My mum tore up and burned my scholl photos in an argument, but I'd be glad to see any more that prople have.

Unknown said...

please for give my previous typing errors

Peter said...

I cant remember the exact years that I was at DC but it may have ben in Zips time because I remember Simon Tyler and Mr Holiday was the games master and geography teacher.
Not sure if its getting old but i look back on those days at DC with good memories generally. I'm not sure that there would be a school like that these days

wolf said...

Great to see this. The photo of the boys was taken in 1979.

BigDaddy said...

weel i was suprised to find this im Steve mcnally i remember lots of you in the photos paul ballard is dirk ballark we was good mate i recognise lots of names im sure i was there about 1976 /77 on drop me a line 07733364597 who ever you are

Unknown said...

Hi, I am not sure but I think my mothers family had strong connections with the house in the 1940's. She tells me that when she was very young prior to moving to Malawi in about 1950 she stayed here when it was possibly a family home.She remembers the statues. When was the school opened?
Bridget Allerton

Unknown said...

I was there from 1975 -1978..

we have a good group in face book.. in FB Search Mamhead..

It'd would be good to hear from you all..

Easy Dudes,,
Tony Mulcahy

Anonymous said...

The Science teacher's name (did we actually have Science) what did we have a few bunsen burners!and why I'm having to educate myself 20 years later!was Brian Rowbury from Southend,I thought he sounded like a kid making an aeroplane noise! A nice bloke though! Ian,was (squad Bear) Forsyth from Beverley Humberside an ex paratrooper,and Arwyn Rees,a recently retired Marine,he took me to Lympstone training base we could see over the Exe a few times,looking over recruits from the galley,that I was fitter than them now but in 6 weeks they'd be fitter than me. Also telling me I was cut out for it,ignoring the fact I was asthmatic,although very fit,the military do not take asthmatics,he told me there was ways around it?!

Anonymous said...

Tracey was the nurse who replaced Joan from Sunderland I believe and moved to a job at Alnwick Northumberland,to be closer to home.Tracey (Quaid) came from Paignton,really nice,took me to the beach once or twice,lovely blue eye's.The school bullies were The 'Scut' Kerry Hoggard from Chertsey and his side kick Simon Whitty from Harrow. I have no problem naming and shaming them,lets hope they turned into decent people,but i very much doubt it! Didn't work with me tho! I did all i could to stop it! After assuring some of the worst victims of that pair I'd protect them as much as possible, I managed to get them to speak up in the office Whitty expelled! K H suspended,should have been the other way around,The Scut was the instigator! But he came from Surrey,in effect the school's paymasters (Surrey Council)Half of the kids came from there,I reckon. I said I'd stay on if they expelled Hoggard,Mr Graham said I didn't dictate to him, 'fair enough' he offered me to move into the bungalow in the grounds,(when Amelia,I think, S Tylers sister) moved back to Australia,and make me head boy,and driving lessons and the Lancia when I was 17! dont think any of this would have happened! He gave me a tap across the chops and called me a prick,and proclaimed: "You'll be back in September" I wasn't! (my) partner in crime,i e,bullying prevention! was Toby Shipway,He assured me he'd carry on the mantle and look out for the lads,especially the younger ones,I believe he did! I even remember Robbie! Hoggard coerced you into deliberately running into me in the corridor,then running off shouting towards Redvers office,making out I was bullying you! because I'd exposed him for what he was! Sorry boys if none of you like this post,but its all accurate and true! I very much doubt the 2 bullies will ever log on here,to ashamed of what they did,maybe they'd like to apologise! At the end of the day I'm not saying it was all bad,I qualified to run for Devon in the English schools national championship,we had a great football team,we won every game,beating Exeter St Thomas away,and them gobby toff rich boys at Dartington Hall away,coming from 3-1 down to win 4-3,that shut em up,dont mean to be a braggott,I put the winner thru the gobby keepers legs,a normal goal wouldn't have done,John Walker from Grove Oxfordshire,I reluctantly say,lol! was the best player! I dont mean to be negative about the place some of it was great,but,from being competent in the classroom,Dawlish College was effectively the end of my education,until now! Did anyone from my era 87,leave with more than c s e's,I didnt even attempt the O'levels,even though it was the last ever year before Gcse's,and I could leave just that bit earlier. finally a few good words it was,shall we say "character building" Wont tolerate shit to this day!

brian smith said...

rory jock ginger (brian smith) not a bad place to have been. but you was always looking behind you to see who was going to punch you lol i would like to speek to or even meet any one who was there from 83-87 it would be nice to what evry one is doing still in harrow.worked in the u.s.a for 6 months thats where i met my wife.but now im a mobile tyre fitter arround heathrow contact n.o.0208 863 0269 it would be nice to hear from all

Paul Hodnett said...

wow this is really a blast from the past. My name is Paul Hodnett and I must have arrived days after the whole school picture was taken. I remember just about everybody in the picture. I would love to be contacted or to contact others who were at the school from 1978ish through to 1983ish

Paul Hodnett said...

Does anyone have any photos taken 1 ot 2 years after this one?

big daddy said...

Cant remember you guys im Steve McNally
i remember dirk ballard robert reece andy adams wolfgan chinnery luke bagnal mutley mick harper chef vic stow you can mail me at
Happy Days

Tracey Gaffikin said...

Hi, my Dad is Duncan Gaffikin, he taught geography, he is poorly at the moment but I will show him this, he loved Dawlish College, and he was gret friends with many of the staff, I was bridesmaid for Simon Tyler along with Mr Roberys daughter. Mick Harper was also a good friend of Dads. I will see if i can find any photos people may be interested in, wow it's great to see the photos! Mum and I used to visit when I was little .

kingfisher said...

Hi all
I called in to DC this week, it now has a gate half way down the main drive with a number pad so it is not possible to look at the old place any more(the other 2 drives are also gated). dose anybody know who is living there now? wouldn't it be great to look around and take some pics!
My name is John Witts I was at DC around 1967-1972 always taking photos and processing them in a dark room on the top floor.You could find me at pocket money time collecting cash for cig;s that i had sold in the week, 2 roll ups for 5p or 1 tailor made (I believe that is cheep nowadays)
I always hung around with Nigel Edgington or Nick Holly.
Dose anyone remember the lad breaking into the science lab and dirnking various solutions? (I believe his name was Vernon) he was rushed into hospital and had some parts of his insides replaced.
i would love to here from anyone that remembers you can contact me at

Peter said...

Mamhead House now belongs to a property company and I think most of the house is now high class office space (Rock Properties is the name of the company)

Visitors do not seem to be welcome because many years ago I went to have a look but was not able to get near the house.

I remember when Vernon (Cole?) had his 'cocktail' as he had great difficulty in talking after the incident. I sure he was a ginger haired lad because I remember he was in my dorm.

Hi to everyone who looks in on this site.

Peter S

Anonymous said...

Dawlish College Jan '77 to June '78.
Principal Mr Tyler
Headmaster Mr Lavender [then Mr Panton,]
School Secretary Mrs Panton
English - Mr Waters [Muttley]
Geography - Mr Dougan
Maths - Mr Jackson
History/Art - Mr Pickthall
Metalwork/Physics - Mr Panton
Physics/Chemistry - Mr Sparrow
Biology - Mr Rowbury
PE - Mr Gaffikin
Woodwork/Tech.Drg - Mr Graham
Maths - Mr Stowe
House Staff :-
Mrs Dougan - [Katrina]
Mrs ? [Frank the Gardeners wife]
Frank [the gardener]
Ken Windsor [Chef]
Mr Bellamy - House Father
Mr Hoatson - House Father
Mr Blythe - House Father [+ teaching]
Mr Harper - House Father
Mr Fountain [sometime House Father]

Simon Tyler [purple Lotus Eclat] Go Karts.

steve said...

in case you haven't found it yet there is a facebook group with old pictures

david mayne said...

MY NAME IS DAVID MAYNE Iwas at dc around about 70- 73 ,do you remember when mr pickthall came into school one day dressed as a women even thou he was a good teacher.I can recall some one cutting the top of there finger off in metalwork and running into the woodwork shop,and making gem stones in the up in the roof with other people doing photography

david mayne said...

MY name is david mayne i was at dc 70-73 do you remember mr pickthall dressed as a women and some bloke who cut his finger off in the metalwork shop.what about mandy tyler she was a nice lady, sat nights watching films then sneaking down to watch match of day great memories great characters great teachers, what happened to mr graham

Unknown said...

I am Ian Fountain and I was at DC from 79 till 82.

Principal Mr Graham
Technical Drawing Mr Duggan
Maths Mr Stowe - or vic the fit as he was called for when he would get excited about talking in class
English Mrs Stowe
Tuck shop - Mr Lock
Nurse - Mr Harper
House masters - Mr Bellamy, Mr Fountain and Sinbad (do not remember his proper name)

Young Mr Tyler I remember and his sister, played volley ball against Simon Tyler in the castle courtyard and lost.

fez said...

Hi my name is Luritz Parker most people would remember me by the nickname FEZ. I was at DC from 1966-1970. Headboy from autumn 1968-summer 1970

Headmasters during my time were;-
Mr. P.G.Tyler. (founded school in 1964)
Mr.Heathcliff.( never spoke in a normal tone of voice always screamed at every boy)
Mr Tyler Jr. (married the assistant matron Joan very jkind used to invite prefects to their home for dinner).He was also the father of Simon Tyler. At this time Simon was an overweight 10 year old .

Teachers :-
Mr Lucas. (Math &piano go figure that one out)
Mr Graham (metalwork & Tech Drawing
drove a Lotus Elan ,Very cool!!!
Mr Veitch. (forgot what he taught but had the most beautiful girlfriend we'd ever seen. Still remember her name was Angela).
Mr Holiday (geography& swimming. the pool had not yet been built it was under construction the summer i left. He took us to the public pool in Exeter or we went to the beach at Dawlish in the summer.He was very touchy, feely and if memory serves me; that got him into major touble later on in his career.
Mr.Notley (taught English and he, Chris Courtney and myself founded the school magazine;" The Mamhead Gravel")

All in all it was a wonderful time My friends were :-

Andrew&Michael Toogood from Nassau. Bahamas
Andrew& Steven Lawrence also from Nassau , Bahamas.
Michael Parker From Torquay
Rob Peighton from Tynemouth
Gavin Graham.

While reading the other comments on this blog I noticed that only a fellow by the handle ZIP was around during my time. So Zip this is FEZ . If you do remember me send my a note or post on this blog. By the way forgot to mention, I was the only Black guy at Dawlish; (only black amongst 105 whites.) I am originally from Liberia ,West Africa but now I live just outside of Washington D.C. U.S.A.

fez said...

Forgot to mention anyone from my time can contact me at

Peter said...

I'm sure I was at DC when you were there. I accidentaly set fire to a room in the castle!

fez said...

Peter, We must have missed each other at Dawlish by months . I left after the winter term in 1970 and you must have come later in the year.I don't remember the fire at all. Use my email and let me know your full name. It must have been in a few weeks of each other. We both seem to remember the same teaches etc...

david mayne said...

hi pete(which one) yes i do remember the fire in the castle was it a bunsen burner or something ,i recall some bloke running into the woodwork shop with half his finger off after cutting it off on the lathe long before h&s
d mayne

Peter said...

Hi David. It started out as a fire but ended up like something out of a sci-fi film!. My memory is really vague on the exact details but I had the key to the room in the castle as the head had given permission for it to be used as a social room. I was in there on my own one night and was (for some reason) playing with a box of matches and remember dropping a lit match into a cannister of glue! the whole thing went of like a flash of lightening and was well and truly alight! After about 5 minutes the whole room (it was the height of the castle) started to get covered in what looked like big thick black cobwebs. Within about 5 minutes the whole room had gone black. Being a young lad I was terrified but I can't remember what actually happened after the fire. I'm sure that I was punished but then I was always getting into trouble there.

Peter said...

Hi Fez, I think we must have missed each other at DC. Again my memory is a bit vague and I don't remember a black guy at DC. The only non white guy I can remember was the son of a Saudi king but I can't remember his name.

Herbert said...

Anyone out there around 1965-ish? John May, Toby, Trevor Passmore, Parker (goalie who kindly let my 5 goals in my last game), an American lad bullied by Mr Graham jokingly, Mr White, Mr Tremayne, the bearded teacher who taught science, and judo part-time. I had a scrambler and Mr Tyler had a Great Dane called Boris who ate sheep for breakfasts. A few prefects including John May and I stoned windows of gatehouse.

Unknown said...

John Witt and Fez, hi, do you chaps remember the group of student from HK? I was at DC in 67-68; Patrick Choi, Wang, Alex Chia and Alfred Chan + Stephen Cheung. I provide all the lovely cigarettes in the bush during the morning walk. We cooked a lot in the dormitry. Mr Hitchcliff was headmaster but soon got taken over by Mr Lucas. Mr Sparrow was my great teacher. I did well in my O'levels. I eventually did an honors degree in Chemical Engineering at Newcastle University. Wang and Chia are in HK. Alfred in Canada. I am in Sydney Australia. About to retire this year. Catch up Patrick Choi

Unknown said...


my name is mick walker was mainly into football while at dc 75-78 have been in letting house here & in turkey mainly lux villas, great inside advice form owner pg tyler which has been fantastic no wonder he was earning 10, ooo a week at dc!!
recently meet with simon pollack, anyone in the london surrey would love to meet up.=

Unknown said...

hi,i was at dc in late 60s,my name is peter freeborn,im the one who lost the top of his thumb in the outside doors to the dineing room.
I remember the boy who lost his thumb in the laive, recons he was cleaning the gearbox on the end!,dont know who was more suprised him or mr grahem when he walked in to the woodwork shop to show him!!
also remember the fire in the castle, so it was you??!!thats ware i got the electric for the caravans!!
also remember the "chemical kid!" who tryed to drink his way through the lab!!,
anyone remember the power cuts?,we used to have to stay in the cinema room?,i used to get the keys for the lab (supose i was a geek)and make some battery lights up!.
remember the caravans, i run power from the castle to the prefecs caravan!.and also done a intercome system between caravans.Mr graham will defintly remember me as i got the cane from tyler snr for busting the popup headlights on his pride and joy lotus!!.I also helped the workman build the pool, used to get time off classes to help him (trying to keep me out of trouble!),he cut a big cork tree down and burnt it.remember mr tyler jnr,he was a good friend,also simon and his sister.I used to help mr panton (handyman/caretaker) build a bathroom in the attic staff quorters,(should of spent moor time in english class as still cant spell a dam !,anyone remember the railway club? (smokeing club)it was outside under the dinning room?,it was dark and smelly,i put electric into it,but thay filled it in after finding out some of the things that went on down there!!,remember being good at cross country doing 5-6 miles twice a week through the foristry.probely becuse u leurnt to run to keep away from the bullies!,yet its not the memorys i remember, had some good times there allways dooing something i shouldnt!!.was in the church choir down at mamhed used to spend choir pratise chaising vicor's daugter up the asles!!.got kicked out after breaking into mr tylers caravan and drinking all his spirits!! dispite mr tyler jnr having a argument with his old man over it trying to save me!,when mr tyler jnr left dc he moved to honiton and started a new bording school witch i visited a few times in the 70's.
I see from difernt sites that dc went mixed!!,why couldnt that happen when i was there??!.it would of taken a whole new meening to the dorm raids we used to get the slipper for and have to spend 2 hours stood at the end of the bed!!.
I would love to see a old school photo from when iwas there i remember sitting for a few so there must be one of me somewhere??.
my e-mail if someone wonts to contact me=

simon jeremias said...

simon jeremias Jerry

i was mates with Micheal caunter floyd bennett craig sammways paul hodgenett joey walsh. we came from netherton hall.

Unknown said...

Im steve wright knew floyd well please reply .and ian furr too etc.??

Unknown said...

I was there from 81-84, I nearly brained kh with a cricket bat in the castle!

Kettering King said...

In my day, it was Lavender as head. Grahm I believe memory recalls became head after Lavender retired.. There was a bit of a rivalry between Grahm and Panton, Panton did science as I remember then. The was a bit of a riot amongst pupils at the prospect of Panton

Burt The Flirt said...

Hello. I was at DC from late 60's to early 70's always in trouble - always getting the cane.
but I still had a great time, went to see the old place on the way to Dawlish for a weekend break. managed to get through the gates and see the place, took a few photos.
When I got home, managed to dig out the the old school photo, there are a few names I can remember, Taylor- Courtney - Radford - Kelly - Vardy - Mr Graham and Mr Sykes, he was a great bloke, took me with his girl friend to the cinema to see Raquel Welch, he used to call me Burt the Flirt.

Unknown said...

I am Steve Evans I was a prefect with Dutton head boy mason Berriman Fuller and Gates.i remember you David one of the better behaved kids.,some of the kids used to call me beak, because of my strong roman nose it didn't upset me but when I got my first job I saved and had it reduced.

Burt The Flirt said...

I remember Duttton and Gates we were in the same dorm, sorry I don't remember you Steve

Unknown said...

Hi. I'm Dave Guntrip .I Remember you Steve , and Dutton , Fuller ,do not recall Berriman . Also remember Johnson who had his own little electrical hut next to the dining room . Paul Poole also had one at the end of the rec room ! Few other names I recall... John Greatly ,Richard Collier ,David Alex ,John Evans ( there was two John Evanses! ) Derrick Botting ,Steve Barcroft ( kept in contact with Steve , sadly passed in a bike smash ) Billy Cook , Jeff Cowell , just to name a few !Great school , have fond memories of that place and the people ! Hi to anyone who remembers me !

David Austin said...

I was at Dawlish College in 1977, but I don't remember too much about it to be honest. I remember Mr Lavender and Mr Panton, but I don't remember any of the other staff by name. Of the pupils, I remember Kevin Hares (who I knew anyway), John Foster, and (I think) Robert Storey (but I may have known him from somewhere else, though I'm pretty sure he was as DC at that time). I also remember the film nights - DC had a 16mm projector. I know I saw 'Marooned' and 'Funeral in Berlin' at DC.

Unknown said...

I'm in the picture and left in 1978 so earlier than you think.
Mutley was English teacher. I left as old headmaster Mr lavender left. Didn't think Panton should have been made up. I was involved in a series of protests about this including a sit in.

Unknown said...

I Remember your florescent pink socks!

Unknown said...

We used to do a very poor impression of your dad I remember him as a good bloke.

Unknown said...

I remember you mick and Simon. I remember him getting a rounders ball in the face.....improved his looks no end!

Unknown said...

Sorry Tony, musselthait had the socks. You were always smiling.

Unknown said...

He also took games.

Unknown said...

I was projectionist there after taking over from des white. I Left in 78. I remember john hare he came from Minehead I believe but can't recall you I'm afraid.

Unknown said...

Yes there certainly was. Organised sit ins and protests.
I personally voiced my concerns and left in may 78 over that travesty. However I visited a few years later when on leave and Mr graham was headmaster.
Loved my time there.

Unknown said...

Haha nice to see these pics again, hope all you DC guys are still hanging in there..keep bashing the rocks together guys n gals... Greetings from Luke AKA Bogroll...­čśÖ

Unknown said...

I was there 74-78.
I can put names to faced and remember my time there was great.

Unknown said...


Having been at Netherton Hall School around 76-77, I am aware of Dawlish College.
When a boy reached the age of 13, he went on to Dawlish Boarding School.
I noticed a reference to Mr Tyler being the head of Dawlish.
During my time at Netherton, Mr Tyler was the live in headmaster. He was a very rounded gentleman to say the least.
From my own experience of the education system back then, it seems evident that both Netherton & Dawlish were negligent regarding further education. There was none. Those that entered way above there grade, were gradually reduced to children of average intelligence academically.

I remember 2 brothers Floyd & Colin Bennett. A Paul Hodnet who Mr Tyler ended up adopting.
Jason who was good at drawing cartoon cowboys. A tall blond haired boy with a second name Wayne. Terry who was friendly with the caretakers daughter.

Unknown said...

HI to you all. In the school photo on here front row, six from the right, Not Billy fowler but actually me, Alan passmore better known then as Percy from exeter. I was at dawlish college from around 74 - 79. Fond memories indeed, often reflect on those good old days. 56 years old now, alive! and still living in Exeter, have visited what now is mamhead house a few times over the years. Personally speaking i have positive thoughts of my time there, good kids on the whole and great teachers. Have bumped into Mr Walters,the English teacher several times over the years as he lived in Exeter although not seen in recent years. I remember most of the boys in the photo seen on here. What a school, Brilliant!!

nergis said...

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Mike said...
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Mike said...

Hi all, my name is michael parker, I was the first student when the college first opened. Can't find any photos or history from those days. Good times and so long ago.

Lee Shortman said...

I was at dawlish college from 1981-1984
Lee Shortman
I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me

Steve Skinner said...

Hi Fellas, I am Steven Skinner. I am in the school photo. I attended 1973-1978
I was friends with Russel Peach and Robert Farley for quite a while.
I am currently in touch with Sidney day and Christopher Pavlik from the same era.
I recall quite a few of you older boys when I first came too.
great that we can all keep in touch with our old school mates or enemies!
I am sure we are all gentlemen now though.

Unknown said...

I remember you, Russell Peach and Robert farley. I can remember many others as I enjoyed my time there from 74-78. Great days.